Who we are

Stepping Stones Playgroup is based on the Stoberry Park School site, next to the reception and KSI classes. We have extensive use of the wonderful school grounds. Stepping Stones has been running for over 20 years. Our building is designed for pre-school aged children, with low level facilities, along with a free flowing system for children to choose activities independently. We offer pre-school care and education to every family within our community and surrounding areas of Wells.

Children can start at the Playgroup from age 2 and continue to school age.

  • We are open Monday to Friday, during term time.
  • Morning sessions are from 08:30am to 12pm or 9am to 12pm and include a healthy snack.
  • Afternoon sessions are from 12pm to 3pm or 12pm to 4pm which includes lunch time.
  • All day sessions are from 08:30am to 3pm, 9am to 3pm, 08:30 to 4pm or 9am to 4pm which also includes a healthy snack in the morning.
  • Each child is assigned a Key Worker who charts the child’s progress during the course of their time at Stepping Stones.
  • Strong bonds with Stoberry Park School to make transitions into school easier for children.
  • Our outside areas are wonderful, fun areas to explore.

We provide a safe, exciting, happy and caring environment for your child to learn and grow. We recognise that each child has many differing needs, therefore, we encourage each child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills through their play to help them discover more about themselves.
The Playgroup is a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance and is governed by OFSTED. Our most recent inspection was carried out in 2018 and we were awarded GOOD in all areas of our provision.

Stepping Stones Playgroup is a parent / committee, charity playgroup. The day to day running of our establishment is the overall responsibility of the Playgroup Leader in cooperation with staff. They are then supported by a Parent Committee.

This is a very unique opportunity for parents as they can have direct involvement in how the Playgroup is run.  They can decide how they want their children to be cared for and educated.

Daily Routine

Every parent / carer and child comes into the cloakroom area where they take off their outer clothing and put them on their allocated peg, which has a picture of them on it. When ready, you all enter the main playgroup where the parents / carers sign in their child and talk to staff if necessary and settle in. The child signs themselves in by putting the picture of themselves on the shape of their keyworker. All lunch boxes need to go in the box provided.

Drinks go in the drinks tray which is accessible for the children to help themselves throughout the day.

A typical session contains a mixture of adult led and self chosen activities, including, craft, painting, drawing, puzzles, home corner, dressing up, books, sand, water, construction, playdoh
and much, much more! The children are always encouraged to choose their own activities and support is given where needed. .

08:30 9amWelcome. Hang coats up and Parents/Carers sign their child in. Child signs in.
9:15amChoosing Time – Craft Activity, Playdough, construction, puzzles, dressing up….etc Outside Play – In the Back Area – Fort, mud garden, playgroup garden, house, slide, water play, sand play
10:20amPack Away activities
10:30amRegister Time – The daily register is taken.
 Circle Time – Each child takes it in turns to talk, share and listen about things they have been involved in, along with Playgroup themes.
 Children collect their name cards – Wash Hands
 Book Corner – the children choose a book to look at
 Outdoor clothing put on for line up
11:00amPlay Outside – On the Playground – Bikes, trikes, cars and lots more.
 Line up ready to come back into Playgroup – take off outdoor clothing and hang it up
 Table Top Activity – board games, construction, mark making, small world sets
 Pack Away
 Story Time
12:00pmWelcome children coming in for an afternoon session and goodbye to children leaving after a morning session.
 Children collect their name cards – Wash Hands
 Carpet Play / Choosing Time
 Outside Play – In the Back Area – Fort, mud garden, playgroup garden, house, slide, water play, sand play
 Pack Away
2:45pmStory and Song Time
3:00 4:00pmHome Time



The table above is to give you an idea of how a general playgroup day is structured. However some activities may take longer to do or if the children are particularly enjoying a task the keyworker(s) will make sure the children receive the maximum benefit from it and give them time to enjoy it. Therefore there is often a fluidity to the day.

Also extra sessions are fitted in to this structure on different days in the week, these are;

Forest School

Sports Sessions


Musical Instruments